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Five people's faces from the nose up. Looking up at text that reads Second Annual DSP of the Year.

Nominate Your Caregiver


Is your caregiver the Direct Support Professional (DSP) of the Year? We want to know about it! Consumer Direct Care Network understands how important DSPs are to helping people maximize their independence in their homes and community. Across the nation, dedicated DSPs provide essential caregiving and give individuals the...

Frostbite Prevention Image

Frostbite Prevention


Helpful Information to Stay Warm this Winter Establish wind chill and temperature policy for when everyone stays indoors. Use the National Weather Service Wind Chill Chart for guidance. Know when to suspend any travel. Is the travel necessary? Check your local forecast before heading outside or sending clients outside....

Older man smiling at a younger man as they touch hands.

Community First Services and Supports


We are excited for Community First Services and Supports (CFSS)! CFSS is a self-directed home and community based service being developed by Minnesota Department of Health Services. CFSS will replace the personal care assistance service and Consumer Support Grant (CSG). Please visit the Minnesota Department of Health Services website...